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The Year Of The Rabbit

The Year Of The Rabbit


Recently I began taking a health supplement - some know it as The Golden Pill but if you are still unawares as to what I’m referring to, head over to Elle Sera (you will thank me later). I say recently, its been about 4 months now and its changed my life, not only in the general hormonal health and wellbeing dept - the reason I started, but my libido has gone from zero to hero. 

Gone are the days of feeling like Austin Powers when his mojo is stolen, for the first time in years I have mine back and I finally know what Love Islands Maura Higgins was talking about when she got those 'Fanny Flutters".

However, having a housemate within earshot when you want some pleasurable ‘me time’ is the ultimate passion killer. She shares a wall with me and most nights I can hear the repetitive tapping of fingers against keyboard while she works late. I figure if I can hear her gentle keystrokes, I’m pretty sure she would be able to hear the distinctive buzzing of a regular vibrator.

Being the considerate gal I am I trowelled the internet for recommendations for a quiet ‘aid’ the results where unanimous - The Whisper Rabbit from Ann Summers.

The need for discreet and quiet sex toys soared during the lockdown of 2020 and was the reason behind the sudden surge in sales of the ‘quietest vibrator’, (rising by 60 per cent can you believe). So I felt like Id made the right choice.

Only thing to do now is pluck up the courage to give it a try.

I bathed, scrubbed, pampered and preened every inch in preparation for an ultimate night of relaxation.  Lights on low, candles lit and I got ready to unwind with my new toy…

When I switch it on, I notice the sound is more of a deep low rumble than a high pitched frequency, even on the highest setting. This beautiful bonking bunny is smaller than it’s larger older brother - the Rampant rabbit - but Im told it is no less powerful, when I later switch it on I can concur with the statements of the bold testimonial writers on google.

Purple in hue, this is a rabbit you can pull out of a hat and when I say ‘hat’ I mean, it’s discreet lockable carry case. 

Ergonomically designed for intense, consistent and joyous O’s time after time, it’s easy to see why it’s a favourite among women, this list now Including myself. 

There’s a two button system which can be used to control the shaft and the rabbit ears separately, it’s fully waterproof, three speed settings, seven vibration pulses…come-hither. 

This rabbit is hare-raising. 

But back to the sound levels.

If it’s discretion you’re looking for, the Whisper Rabbit is the one for you. It measures 35 decibels, which is nothing when you consider a fridge is around 40.

The vibrations are distinctly low and when you add in some muffling from a duvet cover, I’m sure even the ones who live in the closest quarters would be able to get away with some stealth self-administered lust. 

Vibe strength in this bijou bunny will leave you pleasurably lop-sided and guaranteed to be hopping on it again and again.

What’s the verdict from my housemate? Not a peep and as far as she was concerned I was slapped in a face-pack reading my book.

Maybe it’s true what they say about the quiet ones.

So, if you want to reach a climax quicker than Usian Bolt running the hundred, celebrate this Chinese New Year by taking a trip to Ann Summers - it is the year of the Rabbit after all.

- Natalie 34

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