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Let’s talk truths. Unbalanced hormones can hinder your overall health – mental, physical and sexual.

It’s natural for hormones to yo-yo at different life stages, especially during menstruation or menopause. But even the slightest shift can bring a host of unwanted symptoms, from low libido to mood swings, brain fog and fatigue. 

We hear you, and we’re here to help you take back control of your mind, body and soul.



Hormone imbalances could be to blame for sapping some of your usual cheer, or making you feel anxious. When these feelings take over, you may need a little support to make you feel like ‘you’ again. That’s where Elle Sera steps in.


Most of us know what it’s like to feel worn out, especially during menopause or our monthly cycle. But few know that low estrogen levels could be the culprit. The good news: when our lives, diet and hormones are balanced, you can wake up feeling refreshed with vitality.


Estrogen is thought to keep inflammation at bay. When levels are low, especially during the menopause, its anti-inflammatory effect can be reduced too, which may lead to joint pain. Elle Sera helps to relieve inflammation, helping you manage pain more effectively.  


Unbalanced hormones can trigger a lacklustre libido, causing distress, relationship issues, and even contribute to vaginal dryness – and who has time for that? Thankfully, a waning sex drive can be solved by our libido-boosting supplement.


Hormone imbalances can weaken the immune system, leaving you feeling run down and in need of a boost. Luckily, balancing your hormones back on track could be as simple as a taking an antioxidant-rich supplement. Enter: Elle Sera.


If your brain isn’t behaving, your hormones could be to blame. Estrogen is vital for healthy cognition, helping with memory and concentration. For menopausal women, or women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), estrogen levels can yo-yo and cause hormone-related brain fog. By balancing your hormones back to bliss, you can help improve your memory.

Weight Loss

Fluctuating hormones during menopause or your monthly cycle can affect your kidney’s water handling abilities. This can lead to an increase in water weight, making you feel swollen and uncomfortable. Thankfully, we have solution to help cast your water weight away. 


Menopause is a fact of life. Most women go through it, but Elle Sera helps women get through it. There are 48 symptoms associated with the menopause that usually improve over time. But until then, our potent pill may offer some much-needed relief. 

Heart Health & Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is one of the main causes of heart disease, and can be caused by a hormone imbalance. Our golden pill is packed with beetroot, which is thought to help lower blood pressure, improve circulation, and reduce pressure on the heart.


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“Elle Sera is a powerful herbal supplement, crafted to the highest standards and with highest quality ingredients. We handpicked each nutrient for its effectiveness, backed by diligent, evidence-based research. I’m certain that women who try this incredible golden pill won’t ever look back.”

Barbara Usak, Registered Associate Nutritionist
The Elle Sera Journey

Month 1

With routines in check, some women see results in as little as two weeks. For others it can take a little longer, but we promise it’s worth the wait.

Month 2

Two months in, and you’re feeling some positive changes to your mood, energy, libido and more. Keep it up!

Month 3

Where did the last 3 months go? You’re feeling like ‘you’ again, and your friends have noticed too.


Pre-Elle Sera feels like a distant memory. You were skeptical at first, but now you’re feeling the benefits, you don’t want them to stop.

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We know you’ve probably got questions. Lots of them. So why not ask Elle Sera? Our Founder Elissa and her close-knit team are always on hand with personal, hormone-related advice.

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