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Best Sleepwear for Menopause | Elle Sera

Best Sleepwear for Menopause | Elle Sera

As any woman going through menopause knows, hot flashes and night sweats can make it difficult to get a good night's sleep. And when you're not well-rested, it can be hard to deal with the other symptoms of menopause, like mood swings and fatigue.

If your taking Elle Sera daily you're already well on your way to improving your sleep cycle but there are other ways to better your nightly routine during menopause - including finding the right bedding.

  • It can help you maintain weight
  • Control your energy 
  • Maintain hormonal balance 
  • improve cognitive health 
  • Boosts memory 
  • Improves cardiovascular health 
  • Helps blood flow  
  • Bolsters your immune system

While there's no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of what bedding is best for menopause, there are a few general guidelines that can help.

First, it's important to choose bedding that is breathable and moisture-wicking. This will help to keep you cool and dry, two things that are crucial during menopause.


Second, it's a good idea to choose natural fibers like cotton or linen. These fabrics are less likely to irritate your skin and will allow your body to breathe.

Finally, don't forget to pay attention to the pillow! A good pillow can make all the difference when it comes to getting a good night's sleep. It will be personal preference, but find a pillow which has the optimum thickness or thinness for for you. A good pillow should enable you to sleep with your head, neck, back, shoulders and spine all perfectly comfortable and in line. 

In addition to looking into how to dress your bed for menopause night sweats, it’s also worth investing in night time attire that will keep you comfy yet cool when needed. 

As many of you know we are proud to be partnered with Gen M - a new initiative to raise awareness to the menopause and support women and their loved ones combat its 48 potential symptoms. 

We recently viewed fellow Gen M partner Become Sleepwear’s newest night wear collection and felt compelled to share findings with those who struggle trying to find night garments which are “tech’d out” for menopause. 


Made from seam free, super-soft light-weight, breathable fabric which includes “Anti-Flush” Technology which alleviates the symptoms of hot flashes and sweating:
  1. Cools the skin
  2. Wicks away moisture
  3. Controls odour
  4. Releases heat back onto the skin during the post-flush chill.


Their nightwear is hailed as perfect for drawing heat and sweat away from the body. With 90% of women who tested the products reporting a reduction in the feeling of overheating and hot flushes, it could really help in the battle for a brilliant night's sleep.  

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