Elle Sera

An advanced formula of five potent ingredients


Elle Sera

“Elle Sera is a powerful herbal supplement, crafted to the highest standards and with highest quality ingredients. We handpicked each nutrient for its effectiveness, backed by diligent, evidence-based research. I’m certain that women who try this incredible golden pill won’t ever look back.”

Barbara Usak, Registered Associate Nutritionist


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The Elle Sera Journey

Month 1

With routines in check, some women see results in as little as two weeks. For others it can take a little longer, but we promise it’s worth the wait.

Month 2

Two months in, and you’re feeling some positive changes to your mood, energy, libido and more. Keep it up!

Month 3

Where did the last 3 months go? You’re feeling like ‘you’ again, and your friends have noticed too.


Pre-Elle Sera feels like a distant memory. You were skeptical at first, but now you’re feeling the benefits, you don’t want them to stop.

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