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Maca Supplement

The Empowerment Pill includes five potent and highly-absorbable adaptogenic plants and extracts including Maca supplement. Adaptogenic refers to the ability of these plants to help the body to deal with a variety of internal and external stresses, and get back into balance.

Each of the ingredients in The Empowerment Pill  have each been chosen for their positive effects on female health and wellbeing, particularly in relation to the symptoms associated with the onset of menopause. 

We use Maca extract 10:1, which has been specifically chosen for its concentrated potency. 10 kilos of 100% dried herbs are used to produce 1 kilo of our bespoke extract powder, making this a powerful ingredient. 

Maca Root

Maca is grown in the Andes mountains in Peru. Its roots are used in a variety of medicines, and it has widely been recognised as a highly effective supplement to help with a range of health issues.

As with the other ingredients in The Empowerment Pill, Maca Root offers various benefits that can help to combat the symptoms of menopause and perimenopause.

Reproductive Health

There are a range of studies showing the effect of Maca supplement on the libido in both men and women. 

A 2015 study1 showed that it helps to alleviate sexual dysfunction in menopausal women who take antidepressants, while a study in 2008 showed that it “lowers measures of sexual dysfunction in postmenopausal women.”

It’s not yet clear why Maca has such a powerful effect on the libido and reproductive health, and studies are ongoing. But it’s clear from the science that it has a significant impact on sexual wellbeing, particularly in women experiencing sexual dysfunction relating to menopause. It can help with arousal and sexual desire, helping women to regain a healthy and active sex life.

Maca has also been shown to have a positive effect on fertility.

Maca and Hormones

Maca supplementation has been shown to balance hormones, which can make it particularly useful for pre and postmenopausal women. This study from 2006 concluded that the “balancing effect of Maca-GO on sex hormone levels show its potential as a safe preparation for use in correcting physiological symptoms characteristic in postmenopausal stage with an indication of potentially even more value for its use in pre-menopausal women.”

Maca nourishes the adrenal glands, which influence hormone production, and supports the body to maintain normal hormone levels.

Improved Mood

The same study which looked at how Maca can help to balance sex hormone levels also found that Maca had an anti-depressant effect on mice. These results have also been replicated in a number of human studies. Again, its effects seem to be more prominent in women experiencing the symptoms of menopause.

The mood enhancing effects of Maca supplement are likely because of the flavonoids in it. Flavonoids are powerful antioxidants that are believed to help combat anxiety and even depression.

Maca Supplement and Energy Levels

Maca root is popular with athletes for its energy boosting properties. Studies have shown that after as little as 2 weeks of taking Maca supplements, athletes have displayed increased stamina and better fitness levels. 

It provides a natural boost to energy, which the body processes more slowly than caffeine. That means it also helps you to avoid the ‘crash’ often experienced after caffeine intake.  

Increased Bone Density

Maca contains a chemical called N-benzyl-palmitamide, which has been shown to improve bone density. Studies have shown it to be effective in preventing osteoporosis3, as well as benefiting bone formation.

Osteoporosis can be a serious symptom of menopause, because of declining estrogen levels in the body. That’s one of the reasons why we decided to include Maca root in The Empowerment Pill.