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Why your age should never determine how you feel in a bikini.

Why your age should never determine how you feel in a bikini.

Summer is fast approaching and if you’re like most women, you’ll be dreading these two words - bikini season. 

At Elle Sera, we are often approached by women who are grappling with their figure and lack in body confidence. 

Many cite menopause as the cause of their lost mojo. Others struggle to adjust to their pre or post-pregnancy bodies, while there’s many more who experience medical conditions which hinder their efforts to stay svelte. It seems sometimes that women are just hardwired to abhor the skin they are in.

I can guarantee that 85% of our customer base, wouldn’t feel confident being photographed in their bikinis - but my God I wish they would, I could do with the content from these fierce badass broads.

It’s why I’m always perplexed by the shame and negativity surrounding the older ladies who are still confident enough to flash some flesh. 

It’s the very reason I thought, “good on you girl” when seeing the recent images of Jenny Powell scantily clad, beach side in her vibrant stringy bikini. 

At 54, she’s got a body most 20-year-olds would kill for. She’s still got vivaciousness, verve, sex appeal and a certain.. je ne sais quoi which first led her to being catapulted to fame in the 90s. 

And if I needed any further reason to think she’s a boss babe - she, like me, is passionate about raising awareness about women’s hormonal health issues and is open and honest about her struggles with the big M. 

So why are we seeing such a plethora of negativity around older women wearing bikinis? 

First it was Paulina Porizkova, 57, who was deemed too ‘old and ugly’ to wear a bikini. Then Christine Brinkley was lambasted for showing off her curves in a two piece at 67. And now, our fabulous northern lass, Jenny has come under fire for flaunting her fantastic figure at 54. 









One comment featured on the recent Daily Mail article cites Powell as ‘narcissistic’ - and I really had to ponder what reason anyone would have to associate the images of her enjoying a beach break in her swimwear with a disturbing condition such as narcissism. 

The twenty something Love Islanders and the surgically enhanced insta-models collect millions of likes on images of themselves in string thongs on the beaches of somewhere exotic. Each image showered with positive comments. Usually a 'yasssss queen’ or three fire emojis underneath. 

Yet the same outfit choice for on an over 50 is deemed ‘inappropriate’. So what makes seeing a mature menopausal woman in a two piece so utterly offensive?

Inbox with a compelling argument if you can muster one up…

Some say bikini wearing, is ‘objectifying’ and ‘anti-feminist’, fuelling the ever growing list of reasons women can’t dare to bare their torso poolside. And anti feminist… I call B******T. Surely taking a stand and wearing what you want is a sign of empowerment? 

By rocking a bikini in a photo taken by herself, to share on her own platforms, Jenny Powell is stopping anyone else having the power to objectify her - instead she controls the way she is being portrayed. 

Just like one of our other Elle Sera fabbies - Sarah Jayne Dunn, who was sacked from her Hollyoaks job, for doing just that. Taking control of her own image and deciding to monetise it on Onlyfans as another means of income. 

We should be jumping for joy that Jenny P is maintaining a healthy, happy existence whilst combatting one of the most challenging times of a woman’s life - the menopause - and looking sh*t hot as she does so. 

I really wish pop culture would embrace a more positive outlook when it comes to women deemed ‘too old’ to showcase their bodies, which they no doubt, have worked hard to maintain. 

And what’s worse, is the catty comments always come from other women. The merciless, painful, and downright ruthless commentary you get from the fairer sex is intolerable. You only need look at those passing comment about Kourtney Kardashian’s recent wedding dress choice to see the barrage of unwarranted negative views.

High praise indeed should go to Jenny Powell, who is super keen when it comes to fitness and general wellness. You need only look at her socials to see her yoga inspired work outs. She is bringing a sense of realism to the table when it comes to talking about menopause too. This is celebrated by us all here at Elle Sera HQ.

By embracing this incredible stage of her life and sharing a positive body image Jenny Powell is flying the flag for us all and highlighting there should be no age cap on looking beautiful in a bikini. 

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