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The Elle-Sera Story

“I want every woman to look and feel the best versions of themselves. But confidence and beauty is an inside job. When you start to feel better on the inside, you’ll radiate on the outside too.”

Elissa C.

For the past five years I’ve been running The Life Lab retreat, both in the UK and abroad. Most of our clientele is female and as a result, I’ve seen first hand the numerous health related issues modern women face.

On paper, they’d say ‘I’m here to lose weight, tone up’ but actually, when their guards were down and the real source of their problems became apparent, I knew their issues were much more in-depth and going to be harder to fix than shedding a few pounds.

They confessed to some wide-ranging issues which were deeply affecting their lives.

Loss of youth, weight gain, diminished confidence, loss of libido which led to faltering relationships or no relationship at all, menopause, anxiety, stress, lack of energy, how they felt they had become ‘invisible’, how they felt they were now surplus to requirements, time was not on their side and neither was the way they felt.

The worries about their health and mortality were inextricably linked to their outlook and now firmly in the forefront of their minds.It saddened me to see some of these fantastic, strong women feeling like they were worthless and surplus.

I didn’t want this for my clients. I didn’t want this for anyone.

It distressed me to realise as age began to climb, the more the confidence would fall.

They would become invisible and unimportant spectators in their own lives.

But what could I do about it? I figured confidence and mindset was an inside job and if I could help these ladies feel better on the inside, this would somehow start to radiate on the outside too.

After speaking to scores of women between the ages of 30-75, I came to the conclusion that when it comes to their outlook, which was shaped by their health, the majority of their problems stemmed from, or related to; weight gain, mood, anxiety, energy, brain fog and sex drive.They were ready to make some serious lifestyle changes and often asked me what would give them the edge.

With this in mind, Elle Sera - The Empowerment Pill was created.

The Product

This supplement is an advanced bespoke complex of five potent adaptogenic ingredients blended to yield supreme results.

We carefully selected the highest-quality ingredients, in the optimum ratio of dosage and compounded them together because of their synergistic effects.

After countless different formulations and quantities, we refined the product until we were sure we had a powerful comprehensive blend which would support, target and deliver multiple benefits for female wellbeing.

The complex is safe, beneficial and ideal to add into your everyday routine. Taken daily, it will contribute to your overall wellbeing and help women maintain and improve their spark.

Our golden bespoke brass packaging is also a symbol for everything Elle Sera embodies: durability, sustainability, visibility and accountability.

In a youth obsessed society, where old is passed over for the new and where everything and everyone is disposable, our solid sparkling golden container serves as a reminder of all that is great and good in the world.

It’s durable, it’s sustainable, it’s visible and seeing it everyday makes you accountable.

The Empowerment Pill will radically boost your health in the areas women need it the most.

Not only that but the action of taking The Empowerment Pill and what it represents will go along way to changing your mindset and confidence.


With Love

Elissa Xo